When the temperatures begin to rise in the summer months, the great outdoors beckons. But, it can be frustrating when you want to spend time enjoying your outdoor space, and you find that you are in a constant battle with Mother Nature. 

Sure, we should exist in harmony with creatures great and small, but no one wants to have their lawn invaded by mosquitos or other menacing critters. If you want to start enjoying your lawn and patio instead of dealing with itchy bites, swarming insects, and scary animals, here are several summer pest control tips that can improve your situation. 

  1. Keep Your Lawn Maintained

You’ll have fewer bugs to deal with if you keep your yard as trimmed and tidy as possible. Regular lawn maintenance helps with mosquito control, and it also reduces the habitat for many destructive garden insects. Do your best to keep your grass mowed, your hedges trimmed, and remove any yard waste promptly. 

  1. Eliminate Standing Water

Of course, no one wants you to get rid of your hot tub or swimming pool. The truth is that you are repelling bugs with the chlorine in your pool. However, other forms of standing water will attract mosquitoes and make your yard downright inhospitable. Inspect the area frequently and get rid of standing water in flowerpots, buckets, and anything else that holds water. 

  1. Properly Store Your Firewood

If you keep extra firewood stacked against your home in the off-season, you might be creating a problem. You see, termites love bare wood, and you’re giving them plenty to eat as well as an entry point into your home. Instead, store any extra wood well away from your home, with a minimum distance of five feet. Also, keep it off the ground whenever possible. 

  1. Eliminate Food Sources and Shelter for Snakes

Few people want to shelter snakes in their yard. If you’d like to keep these scary slithering critters at bay, don’t give them anything to eat or a place to live. Snakes feast on rodents and look for shelter in thick shrubs and lawn debris. 

  1. Seal Your Windows and Doors

One of the worst things that can happen is those outdoor critters become indoor ones. You can keep them out of your home by regularly checking the seals around your windows and doors. If you find any gaps, repair them quickly. This will keep bugs out and even help improve your home’s energy-efficiency. 

  1. Look for Bed Bugs When You Travel

Maybe you’re planning a short vacation this summer to leave your worries about lawn critters behind. Unfortunately, vacation homes and hotel rooms can have another kind of issue – bed bugs. If you do travel, inspect the mattress of a bed as soon as you check in. If you find excrement or bloodstains on it, it’s time to find someplace else to stay. 

  1. Partner With a Pest Control Service

Using a quality insect repellent will keep mosquitos and other insects from other bothering you, but it doesn’t solve the issue at its source. Instead of worrying about what’s lurking in your yard ready to attack when you walk out the door, have a professional pest control service assess your environment and give you recommendations for treatment. 

While you might be able to get rid of some of these critters on your own, you may not want to, and others require more specialized knowledge and equipment for a lasting solution. At MidSouth Termite & Pest Control, we proudly serve residential and commercial customers throughout the Richland, Lexington, Kershaw counties, and surrounding areas. 

Contact us today to request a quote and learn more about how our guaranteed services can make your summer more enjoyable.